Welcome to “Formula 52” – your KEY to great creative for radio stations and advertisers.

At The Jetset Media Workshop, we believe that $52.00 for a BIG idea…

…is not that much to spend, especially if that “idea” helps generate a new client.

Our “formula” for radio stations is pretty simple:

For $520.00 per month, we’ll build your station its own VIRTUAL Creative Department.

You will receive any 10-units of our services.

1-script is 1-unit.

Having that script produced, is 1-unit

Have that script or commercial revised, changed, updated or mistake, 1-unit.

Need more units? No problem, they are $52 each (over and above the initial 10).

If you don’t want to commit to a $520 monthly retainer, no problem.

For $252 you can have an individual commercial written, recorded and produced.

For $2552 you can have an originally written, recorded and produced Jingle Package.

For more information, contact info@formula52.com or call 720-810-9544